Cool and Playful site

27 04 2009

Who says websites are not as cool as they used to be? have a fun site that uses illustration and sound to amuse you, very funny and will have you sending it to everyone you know. I won’t give any more away, thanks to bravelittlememe for the link.


Over 1 billion downloads in just under 9 months

24 04 2009

1billionApple have done it.

Over 1 billion apps downloaded in just under 9 months, just before 2 p.m. PDT (1:52 p.m.) 23rd April.

The most popular paid apps are Crash Bandicot Nitro Cart 3D, Koi Pond and Enigmo. Even if you are not an Apple fan you have to agree it is a significant milestone for iTunes and the iPhone/iPod touch. Congrats Apple.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the publicity they will push regarding the news, maybe a new ad? Not to mention that the copycats will use these figures for their strategies and sale estimates, but can Microsoft, Nokia, RIM and Google really reach these kind of milestones anytime soon? I doubt it myself but i don’t want to underestimate Google.

Apple Thanks a billion page

Top selling apps in the App Store

iRiver Home Internet Phone

22 04 2009

Rufdog has an article about the new iRiver internet phone

Amazing new Church in Foligno

21 04 2009
Photographs by Moreno Maggi

Photographs by Moreno Maggi

Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas Architects have completed a church in Foligno, Italy, and will open on Friday.

The project was won in 2001 after a national competition organized by the Conferenza Episcopale Italiana for the construction of new churches, the jury gave the following reasons for choosing, “as a sign of innovation that meets the latest international research, becoming a symbol of rebirth for the city after the earthquake.”

More photos and information on

Adobe Flash secures set-top deal

20 04 2009

Adobe have secured a deal to put it’s Flash software into many of the chips that go inside TVs and Set-top boxes.

This will enable developers and content providers to create interfaces and applications to deliver web-based content to TV screens, and the 1st applications should hit the TV sets in early 2010. The deal does not cover TVs made by Sony and Samsung, as they already use Yahoo’s media platform of widgets instead of Flash.


Design Police – Bring bad design to justice

20 04 2009

I just received a marketing email from a previous client and it made me think of the Design Police Visual Enforcement Kit. Maybe I was just being overly critical as the new mailer had finally changed from the template I designed for them, but it did look as it if was done in house and using Microsoft Word.

They had at least 5 different typefaces, both Arial and Verdana for the copy, and even Comic Sans probably because they thought it was cute, yes they also used Word Art with the beautiful text distortions, and widows all over the copy. Not to mention the clashing colours that did not complement the brand.

So i dugg out the Design Police kit and plasted the stickers all over the mailer and sent it back to the client. I didn’t sign my name on it (i know chicken), but just in case they got offended i didn’t want it coming back to me.I sent it from a different email address and will keep an eye out to see if they get back to me.

I hope they will take the criticism positivly and take on board my comments. I know they are not using my design anymore and that’s fine (it was a few years old so about time too), but i’d still like to help them. They were one of my favourite clients and really good to work with, which is why i want to help them, is that bad?

15 reasons to quit facebook

20 04 2009

I came across this article, and thought it was both funny and oh so very true. Facebook started as a good way of keeping in touch with friends and even family in different parts of the world (for me anyway).

Originally started as a small project by a Harvard student, it has become one of the most popular social networking sites and has now passed 200 million subscribers. Now that is has become so popular how are you getting on with it, are you still having fun with it or are you bored of it too?

The full article is and here is a summary of the 15 reasons they quoted:

  • Friend requests from your needy ex or crazy uncle…
  • Embarrassing/rude messages on your ‘wall’
  • Invitations to things we don’t want to go to…
  • Chain-letter-style apps
  • Pokes
  • The latest redesign…
  • Gifts
  • Pseudo game apps like ‘Ninjas Vs. Zombies’; what are we, like, six-years old?
  • Quizzes
  • Embarrassing pictures from our pasts (that we can’t remove)
  • “___ Likes This” feature on ‘Status Updates’
  • Stupid group requests
  • Stupid notes
  • Facebook apps taking over our news feeds
  • Too many people, too much information…

In my opinion the worst thing is the apps that your friends add to their profile and send you requests to join, and the fact that it’s not enough to just decline, but you need to block the app to stop it from gathering your info from your friends profile. Whatever info your friends can see of yours is what is available to the app they installed. But who can be bothered to go through all the apps that your friends added and block them?