5 Ways To Copyright Your Work

9 04 2009

Acuity Designs have a very good article on how to protect your work with suggestions how you can copyright it, and avoid anyone stealing your work to claim as their own.

I’m sure most of you would have heard about the savejon campaign on twitter over the last week, I too jumped on the bandwagon thinking it was all clear who was to blame and who was the victim. I decided to do a bit of investigating and found a good article about the subject. The article was published on The Logo Factor – Design Blog

It’s a long post but definitely worth the read, more facts about the whole issue, plus comments from the other side of the story. Now I am completely confused as to who is wrong and who is right, but I still stand by the fact that we all need to copyright our designs, or just not publish them 😦

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3 responses

9 04 2009

Thanks for the mention

9 04 2009

You are welcome, i didn’t want to copy your great tips and repost as my own, thought it would be a nice thing to send the traffic to your site, as you took the time to compile the list of tips

15 04 2009

I thought anyone posting work in a public place had automatic copyright so long as they kept proof of their original work?

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