Design Police – Bring bad design to justice

20 04 2009

I just received a marketing email from a previous client and it made me think of the Design Police Visual Enforcement Kit. Maybe I was just being overly critical as the new mailer had finally changed from the template I designed for them, but it did look as it if was done in house and using Microsoft Word.

They had at least 5 different typefaces, both Arial and Verdana for the copy, and even Comic Sans probably because they thought it was cute, yes they also used Word Art with the beautiful text distortions, and widows all over the copy. Not to mention the clashing colours that did not complement the brand.

So i dugg out the Design Police kit and plasted the stickers all over the mailer and sent it back to the client. I didn’t sign my name on it (i know chicken), but just in case they got offended i didn’t want it coming back to me.I sent it from a different email address and will keep an eye out to see if they get back to me.

I hope they will take the criticism positivly and take on board my comments. I know they are not using my design anymore and that’s fine (it was a few years old so about time too), but i’d still like to help them. They were one of my favourite clients and really good to work with, which is why i want to help them, is that bad?




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