Pizza Hut rebranded

25 06 2009

I was wondering when Pizza Hut were going to change their brand. They started focusing their advertising campaigns on everything else but Pizzas so it was expected, but i didn’t expect it to be quite so bland.

The colours work well, it’s simple and classic but i’m not sure it says much of the origins of the company, or the brand unless you already know and remember the original logo. They kept the roof/hat device and changed the wording to the Hut with a very bold font which they felt the need to underline,  put a drop down shadow, a stroke and a glow on it too.

I guess they approached a young design agency that has only just got hold of Photoshop. The idea behind the logo is good but the execution with all those effects is just poor in my humble opinion, but then again I’ve only been doing design for about 15 years and have had Photoshop since version 1.

Pizza Hut Logo (old and new)

Pizza Hut Logo (old and new)


Zensify: Keep track of your social life

4 06 2009

Zensify UII’ve been using this new app on my iPhone for the past couple of weeks, called Zensify.

Similar to TweetDeck on the desktop, well kinda, it’s like TweetDeck on steroids but on your iPhone/iTouch. Allows you to update your status on Facebook and Twitter at the same time or independently, as well as post photos and it works not only with Twitter and Facebook but also with Flickr, Digg, Delicious, YouTube, 12seconds and Photobucket.

You can view all your social networks in one timeline, I’m still trying to get used to this view as it can get crowded, but the benefit of it is I see status updates from friends that I don’t usually see on facebook status page itself.

Another cool feature is the Tag Cloud so you can track/discover/follow discussion trends. But the best thing is that the app is FREE, available in the App Store.

They are working on new features for the app to include multiple Tag Clouds as well as multiple Twitter accounts, woooo!

Palm Pre – is it doomed already

4 06 2009

pre_hero_dialpadPalm are launching their new smartphone on 6th June, but how successful will it be?

Multitouch display, more gestures than the iPhone, a replaceable battery even a full qwerty keyboard, but still i can’t help but feel it’s a little late entering into the market. I am intregued by it and would like to have a play with it, but will not be rushing out to get one to replace my iPhone.

Not to forget they are releasing this new phone 1 week before the Apple WWDC 09, did the marketing team not think about this? What is the media going to be more interested in? a single product from a desperate company or a burst of innovation and new announcements from Apple. Just imagine if it’s Steve Jobs himself that comes on stage with a brand new iPhone, the Pre will be burried so deep in the media feeds nobody will even remember it.

Which brings me to the article i wanted to share with you all, from Business Week

Palm: Likely to Stumble with Pre

And the best quote from the article:

If you can afford to spend $199 on a phone in this economy, would you purchase a phone that’s been in the marketplace for two years, has sold more units than the Motorola Razr, and is supported by tens of thousands of available applications, or would you purchase an unproven phone from a company teetering on the brink of extinction, or at least irrelevance?