28 07 2009

A new interactive table similar to the Microsoft Surface, but this one is for searching and exploring font databases. Using this table you have the option browse, preview, compare and print the fonts you are interested in. The advantage of exploring like this compared to a computer screen, you can use the larger screen table and invite your client to join you over a coffee, plus it looks damn cool!



Check out the link for full details including a video of the UI.

Thanks to for the link


Top 10 80s Cartoon theme songs

23 07 2009

If you are a child of the 80s you will love this, and might even agree with my choices, look forward to your feedback, and enjoy the trip down memory lane.

1. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

2. Ulysses 31

3. Pole Position

4. M.A.S.K.

5. Thundercats

6. Advertures of the Galaxy Rangers

7. Defenders of the Earth

8. Silverhawks

9. Centurions

10. Transformers

A special mention goes to Disney’s Gummi Bears just coz they were so random and weird

Whale Love Song

22 07 2009

Optus a telecommunications company from Australia has had a new commercial created by M&C Saatchi “anything is possible through communication”.

The commercial features a full orchestra on a stage in the middle of an ocean, playing a song that sounds like a whale song which brings in the whales.

It’s very cool and relaxing, more info check out the website:

Erasing Darkness

20 07 2009

Steffen Kehrle and Julia Landsiedl have designed a new light device for Moree.


Dimmer switches don’t work with energy saving bulbs. The light cuboid produces a comfortable light tint and can be slid continuously out of the aluminium body, producing the same effect as a dimmer switch.

Very innovatiove solution, and it looks good whilst creating a pleasant mood light that can be pushed out of its aluminium shell smoothly.

The only issue I have with it is the cable sticking out the side.


Technical Data:
Shell from anodized aluminium with silver or champagne colouring, anti-slip feet; easily moveable lightcube, consisting of glasslike plastic (PMMA); Light source: energy saving bulb, max. 15 Watt/ E27; Size (closed): 380 x 131 x 208 mm, extendable to a total length of 680 mm.
Certification: CE

Apple blocks Push on hacktivated iPhones

14 07 2009

Apple appear to be blocking Push Notification Service on purpose to fight users who break carrier monthly plan agreements and unofficially unlocking these subsidised devices to work with other carriers which Apple is not partnered with.

A Czech iPhone developer PoweryBase notes that Apple appears to be blocking Push Notifications on iPhones that have been unlocked for use on non-official operator networks. PoweryBase is the developer behind NotifyMe [App Store: Paid (£2.39), Free], a popular application that utilises push notifications to offer reminders and to-do alerts to users on the go.

According to PoweryBase, push-enabled iPhone applications contact Apple’s servers to request a unique ID to establish a link for Push Notifications, but Apple’s servers fail to respond to such requests when coming from unlocked iPhones.

PoweryBase received hundreds of support request in the last few days since NotifyMe appeared on the App Store. Unfortunately, about 80% of them are from the users with unlocked iPhones. They’ve bought the application and are mostly angry, sad or hopeless and the worst part is that they can’t really help them. Push simply does not work reliably or does not work at all on any unlocked device, no matter what Push application is used.

I understand that unlocked iPhones break Apple’s and operators’ business and there isn’t really a way to fight against it. I also understand that Apple has invested a lot of money, resources and time into developing the APNS infrastructure. But at the same time, if a user has bought the iPhone surely they should be allowed to do with it what they like? Even if they are with the official operator, and have just paid around £500 to upgrade to the 3GS. See Link

What also made me giggle is the fact that PoweryBase are apparently not happy with all the bad reviews they are getting due to this problem, and they frown at the jailbreak community. If that is the case then why did they include a screen shot of a hacked iPhone on their own site (and have submitted the same screenshot into iTunes). The screenshot shows the iPhone operator as Orange but the official operators in the Czech Republic are Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2. See their Blog post for their opinion.

Picture 21

They also state that the app description in the app store explains to users that the app will not work on unlocked iPhones, I have just looked and can’t see any mention of it, appart from one line hiden in the copy “Due to Apple’s limitations, unoficially activated iPhones are not fully supported”

I don’t want to sound picky but how does that tell users that it doesn’t work on unlocked iPhones? it gives them false hope that it might work.

</rant over>

Audi Centenary Sculpture

7 07 2009

A new 32 metre high sculpture has been created for Audi by Gerry Judah at the Goodwood festival of speed in West Sussex, England.

Created to mark the brands centenary, featuring a vintage Audi as well as the new R8 racing into the sky.

With construction work fully underway, the Audi ‘Central Feature’ art installation is one of the most ambitious and striking sculptures ever constructed for the Festival, representing the unique style of one of the World’s most innovative automotive brands.




The jaw-dropping 2009 Festival of Speed Central Feature will mark the second occasion that Audi has chosen to celebrate a significant anniversary at Goodwood.  In 1999 Audi was honoured with one of the most striking and memorable Goodwood central features to date for its 90th anniversary.  The famous Avus race track banking was recalled in an astonishing installation that included an Auto Union Streamliner and stunning Audi Avus quattro concept car perched on the banking.


Structural Engineering: Capita Bobrowski
Steel Fabrication and Installation: Littlehampton Welding Ltd

The iPhone can tell you when to pee

6 07 2009

Ever been the the movies and sat watching a long film, wondering when will this end i need to go for a pee 🙂

Now you can check your pee time with the help of your iPhone. It works with movies currently in the cinemas/theaters. The app tells you when it’s safe to go but will also tell you what you will be missing out on.

Tells users approximately how far into the movie each “pee time” begins, the cue line to listen for and even what they’ve missed. (When you’re on your way back to your seat, you can hit a button to unscramble text that provides a short synopsis.)

Users can set a timer so that they can keep track of the time until the next “pee time,” but the developers said that future versions will prompt the iPhone to vibrate at the appropriate time.

It also has one other useful feature, It will tell you if there is a scene after the credits, so you don’t have to sit and wait.


The app is called RunPee and is available from iTunes for £0.59. Click here for the link to iTunes.

Thanks to bravelittlememe for the link, What will they think of next?