Top 10 80s Cartoon theme songs

23 07 2009

If you are a child of the 80s you will love this, and might even agree with my choices, look forward to your feedback, and enjoy the trip down memory lane.

1. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

2. Ulysses 31

3. Pole Position

4. M.A.S.K.

5. Thundercats

6. Advertures of the Galaxy Rangers

7. Defenders of the Earth

8. Silverhawks

9. Centurions

10. Transformers

A special mention goes to Disney’s Gummi Bears just coz they were so random and weird




6 responses

23 07 2009

Awesome list!
and I agree with the order although i don’t remember silverhawks

23 07 2009

GAHHHH!!!! Awesome!

I want ALL these on DVD!
I will be walking around the house singing ‘Defenders of the Earth’ and the Gummi Bear theme song 😉

“Gummmmmmmmi Bears… “

14 08 2009

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3 09 2009
Slobodan Nedeljkovic

I wonder what happened to captain future here..? 🙂
The music in that cartoon was far ahead in it´s time.

Anyway, nice charts!

4 09 2009


I don’t remember Captain Future, but i did google it and i have to say i wasn’t impressed by the theme song. It can’t really compete with the ones i’ve listed in my opinion. It’s instrumental with some sounds “oooooooohhhhoooooohhhhhhooohohohohohhhhh”… 🙂 not exactly inspiring, i don’t know if the rest of the music featured in the cartoon was different but the theme song was enough to put me off the cartoon itself.

2 10 2009

Captain Future! Awesome!

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