Dead Polar Bears in an environmental ad campaign

20 11 2009

The new ad that Mother London created for the anti-aviation expansion group Plane Stupid, has been posted online. Its hard hitting, but the message is a bit vague in my opinion, I understand what they are trying to say, but a brief fact at the end of the ad just seems lost.



Whale Love Song

22 07 2009

Optus a telecommunications company from Australia has had a new commercial created by M&C Saatchi “anything is possible through communication”.

The commercial features a full orchestra on a stage in the middle of an ocean, playing a song that sounds like a whale song which brings in the whales.

It’s very cool and relaxing, more info check out the website:


8 05 2009

It’s Friday so i thought i’d share with you all something cute and fun, part of the new Oasis drink ad campaign (thanks for the link Ruffdog.)

P.S. You need sound on for the full experience, and it’s office friendly

Psychedelic Commercial

7 05 2009

Psychedelic Commercials – Matthew Williamson for H&M – Exclusive online

I just came across a new commercial done for H&M, very colourful, and playful. It is always refreshing to find creative advertising, in today’s world. Most of us skip past ads on TV, but thankfully this one is exclusive online and it is one that you might end up passing to your friends.

Great bit of viral advertising that isn’t something funny or disturbing, but instead it’s creative and gives you a good idea about the collection it’s advertising.

According to some of the YouTube comments H&M commissioned the song for the ad and there is no mention weather it will be available for download at some point.

Some info about the music:
Composer/ Producer – Malcolm Pardon & Fredrik Rinman
Lyrics – Johan Renck
Name of music – We need a Change
Music origin country – Sweden

And finally a link to the ad itself:

Your move BMW

15 04 2009

Your move BMW