My Top 5: iPhone 4 wallpapers

1 07 2010

So the new and shiny Apple iPhone 4 has been launched and I am one of the millions of “lucky” ones that managed to get it early.

I’m not going to go on about the features and what it does, if you don’t know those then you have probably been living under a rock and probably still are. The thing I was most impressed by was the font clarity and the display, but was disappointed with the lack of cool wallpapers to show off the beautiful display.

Yes Apple did include a couple in the new iOS4 but nothing spectacular, so I decided to create a few of my own and share them, for FREE. Have a look at the ones I selected and included in the post or click through to my deviantArt gallery for more wallpapers and photography.


Flight Pictures « 1337arts

16 09 2009

Flight Pictures « 1337arts.

A group of MIT students seeking to share the artistic aspects of science with others. On Sept. 2, 2009,  launched a digital camera into near-space to take photographs of the earth from high up above.

Audi Centenary Sculpture

7 07 2009

A new 32 metre high sculpture has been created for Audi by Gerry Judah at the Goodwood festival of speed in West Sussex, England.

Created to mark the brands centenary, featuring a vintage Audi as well as the new R8 racing into the sky.

With construction work fully underway, the Audi ‘Central Feature’ art installation is one of the most ambitious and striking sculptures ever constructed for the Festival, representing the unique style of one of the World’s most innovative automotive brands.




The jaw-dropping 2009 Festival of Speed Central Feature will mark the second occasion that Audi has chosen to celebrate a significant anniversary at Goodwood.  In 1999 Audi was honoured with one of the most striking and memorable Goodwood central features to date for its 90th anniversary.  The famous Avus race track banking was recalled in an astonishing installation that included an Auto Union Streamliner and stunning Audi Avus quattro concept car perched on the banking.


Structural Engineering: Capita Bobrowski
Steel Fabrication and Installation: Littlehampton Welding Ltd

Sky Art

11 05 2009

I came across some fantastic images on flickr, that i had to share,


But this is by far my favourite


All these images and more are available on hb19’s flick account, there are about 60 photos in the set, so you are bound to find your favourite in there.

Sculptures made of tires

8 05 2009

Tire sculptures

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