Illustrator: Multiple Artboards

23 11 2010

A lot of us are used to working with Quark and multiple pages side by side for layouts or just when exploring different variations of a design/document.

I’ve recently discovered that Illustrator can now do this too, not sure how long ago they added this features (i believe it was CS4), but I hadn’t noticed them till recently. This is why I thought I’d make a post about it so that I don’t forget and to help anyone else who might need help setting it up.

It’s quite painless for Illustrator, I expected it to be hidden in some weird non related panel.

I have found two ways:

1. At the start of a project when you define the document size you will see an extra field for artboards (See figure 1).

Figure 1

2. If you already have a document and you need an additional artboard you can add more by click the windows menu option at the top of the screen, then select Artboard from the menu list (See figure 2). This will open a panel for manipulating artboards, where you can add delete or even rearrange your artboards (See figure 3).

Figure 2

Figure 3

I hope this helps and if you need further help check out the Adobe Help pages,
Here is a link to the artboards help for CS4 and above.


My Top 5: iPhone 4 wallpapers

1 07 2010

So the new and shiny Apple iPhone 4 has been launched and I am one of the millions of “lucky” ones that managed to get it early.

I’m not going to go on about the features and what it does, if you don’t know those then you have probably been living under a rock and probably still are. The thing I was most impressed by was the font clarity and the display, but was disappointed with the lack of cool wallpapers to show off the beautiful display.

Yes Apple did include a couple in the new iOS4 but nothing spectacular, so I decided to create a few of my own and share them, for FREE. Have a look at the ones I selected and included in the post or click through to my deviantArt gallery for more wallpapers and photography.

Concept Airship – floating hotel

10 02 2010

Seymour Powell has developed concept plans for a giant luxury airship – the Aircruise. The scheme is funded by Samsung Construction and Trading. The Airship is 265m tall 270 tonnes, and looks like a skyscraper when docked. It would be able to fly at an altitude of 3500m and would cruise at 100-150Km/h. It’s powered by hydrogen but lets ignore the risks involved with that as it is a concept and it looks cool.

It would take about 37 hours to go from London to New York, which is a long time but it is a floating hotel with a penthouse apartment. Just don’t take Rob’s mum with you as you would be bored after a few minutes, that’s if she can fit into it.

For more info have a look at the source

Solar Energy Storage by Ming-Ching Hsueh » Yanko Design

1 10 2009

Very cool Solar Energy Storage Concept

Solar Energy Storage Concept

Solar Energy Storage Concept

The practical application of Some Shine Solar Energy Storage System is quite simple. You hang up the cool looking Solar Curtain on your window, and keep the battery-pack hooked to the base. It soaks in the solar energy during the daytime, stores it and uses it to replenish your gadgets at night. Hook up your stuff via the USB port and you’re done for the night.


28 07 2009

A new interactive table similar to the Microsoft Surface, but this one is for searching and exploring font databases. Using this table you have the option browse, preview, compare and print the fonts you are interested in. The advantage of exploring like this compared to a computer screen, you can use the larger screen table and invite your client to join you over a coffee, plus it looks damn cool!



Check out the link for full details including a video of the UI.

Thanks to for the link

Erasing Darkness

20 07 2009

Steffen Kehrle and Julia Landsiedl have designed a new light device for Moree.


Dimmer switches don’t work with energy saving bulbs. The light cuboid produces a comfortable light tint and can be slid continuously out of the aluminium body, producing the same effect as a dimmer switch.

Very innovatiove solution, and it looks good whilst creating a pleasant mood light that can be pushed out of its aluminium shell smoothly.

The only issue I have with it is the cable sticking out the side.


Technical Data:
Shell from anodized aluminium with silver or champagne colouring, anti-slip feet; easily moveable lightcube, consisting of glasslike plastic (PMMA); Light source: energy saving bulb, max. 15 Watt/ E27; Size (closed): 380 x 131 x 208 mm, extendable to a total length of 680 mm.
Certification: CE

30 Inspirational Desktop Wallpapers

3 07 2009

Desktop wallpapers are all over the web and every now and then I find one that either inspires me to replace my current one or create something myself. For the last two months I’ve used the same wallpaper (Afro Samurai) and thought it was time for a change.

After having a look around on my fav sites I decided to compile a list of my favourites to share with you.

The wallpapers are split into 2 groups 15 from deviantArt and 15 from interfaceLift, and all include at least a 1920×1200 resolution image.

from: deviantArt

———————————————–———————————————–———————————————–———————————————–———————————————–———————————————–———————————————–———————————————–———————————————–———————————————–———————————————–———————————————– ———————————————– ———————————————–———————————————–———————————————–