Pizza Hut rebranded

25 06 2009

I was wondering when Pizza Hut were going to change their brand. They started focusing their advertising campaigns on everything else but Pizzas so it was expected, but i didn’t expect it to be quite so bland.

The colours work well, it’s simple and classic but i’m not sure it says much of the origins of the company, or the brand unless you already know and remember the original logo. They kept the roof/hat device and changed the wording to the Hut with a very bold font which they felt the need to underline,  put a drop down shadow, a stroke and a glow on it too.

I guess they approached a young design agency that has only just got hold of Photoshop. The idea behind the logo is good but the execution with all those effects is just poor in my humble opinion, but then again I’ve only been doing design for about 15 years and have had Photoshop since version 1.

Pizza Hut Logo (old and new)

Pizza Hut Logo (old and new)


If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again

12 05 2009

When will these cowboys learn, If you are going to copy someone’s work you will be found out. Whats worse is that if you have been caught doing it people will be watching you to see if you do it again, and Todd Picquelle has done it again!

full thread on the story at reddit


The site has now been taken down, but not before screengrabs were taken, and from the above screen grab you can see how similar the sites are.

Original site

thanks to bravelittlememe for the link.

Coca-Cola Summer Fun

8 05 2009

We all know Coca-Cola is one of the most recognisable brands in the world, and they can afford to have some fun with their brand.

A few years ago they did a campaign where they only showed a portion of their logo on billboards, everyone knew what the ad was for all thanks for the iconic logo and striking red colour. I couldn’t find a photo of the billboard so I made one.

It was similar to this:coca-cola

This year Coca-Cola are having fun with their brand again, and have designed 5 new cans all with varying scenes of summer on them including aviators, beach balls, surfboards, the American flag, and BBQ’s.

Coca Cola Summer Cans

Psychedelic Commercial

7 05 2009

Psychedelic Commercials – Matthew Williamson for H&M – Exclusive online

I just came across a new commercial done for H&M, very colourful, and playful. It is always refreshing to find creative advertising, in today’s world. Most of us skip past ads on TV, but thankfully this one is exclusive online and it is one that you might end up passing to your friends.

Great bit of viral advertising that isn’t something funny or disturbing, but instead it’s creative and gives you a good idea about the collection it’s advertising.

According to some of the YouTube comments H&M commissioned the song for the ad and there is no mention weather it will be available for download at some point.

Some info about the music:
Composer/ Producer – Malcolm Pardon & Fredrik Rinman
Lyrics – Johan Renck
Name of music – We need a Change
Music origin country – Sweden

And finally a link to the ad itself:

Cool and Playful site

27 04 2009

Who says websites are not as cool as they used to be? have a fun site that uses illustration and sound to amuse you, very funny and will have you sending it to everyone you know. I won’t give any more away, thanks to bravelittlememe for the link.

iRiver Home Internet Phone

22 04 2009

Rufdog has an article about the new iRiver internet phone

Design Police – Bring bad design to justice

20 04 2009

I just received a marketing email from a previous client and it made me think of the Design Police Visual Enforcement Kit. Maybe I was just being overly critical as the new mailer had finally changed from the template I designed for them, but it did look as it if was done in house and using Microsoft Word.

They had at least 5 different typefaces, both Arial and Verdana for the copy, and even Comic Sans probably because they thought it was cute, yes they also used Word Art with the beautiful text distortions, and widows all over the copy. Not to mention the clashing colours that did not complement the brand.

So i dugg out the Design Police kit and plasted the stickers all over the mailer and sent it back to the client. I didn’t sign my name on it (i know chicken), but just in case they got offended i didn’t want it coming back to me.I sent it from a different email address and will keep an eye out to see if they get back to me.

I hope they will take the criticism positivly and take on board my comments. I know they are not using my design anymore and that’s fine (it was a few years old so about time too), but i’d still like to help them. They were one of my favourite clients and really good to work with, which is why i want to help them, is that bad?