Pizza Hut rebranded

25 06 2009

I was wondering when Pizza Hut were going to change their brand. They started focusing their advertising campaigns on everything else but Pizzas so it was expected, but i didn’t expect it to be quite so bland.

The colours work well, it’s simple and classic but i’m not sure it says much of the origins of the company, or the brand unless you already know and remember the original logo. They kept the roof/hat device and changed the wording to the Hut with a very bold font which they felt the need to underline,  put a drop down shadow, a stroke and a glow on it too.

I guess they approached a young design agency that has only just got hold of Photoshop. The idea behind the logo is good but the execution with all those effects is just poor in my humble opinion, but then again I’ve only been doing design for about 15 years and have had Photoshop since version 1.

Pizza Hut Logo (old and new)

Pizza Hut Logo (old and new)