Concept Airship – floating hotel

10 02 2010

Seymour Powell has developed concept plans for a giant luxury airship – the Aircruise. The scheme is funded by Samsung Construction and Trading. The Airship is 265m tall 270 tonnes, and looks like a skyscraper when docked. It would be able to fly at an altitude of 3500m and would cruise at 100-150Km/h. It’s powered by hydrogen but lets ignore the risks involved with that as it is a concept and it looks cool.

It would take about 37 hours to go from London to New York, which is a long time but it is a floating hotel with a penthouse apartment. Just don’t take Rob’s mum with you as you would be bored after a few minutes, that’s if she can fit into it.

For more info have a look at the source


Solar Energy Storage by Ming-Ching Hsueh » Yanko Design

1 10 2009

Very cool Solar Energy Storage Concept

Solar Energy Storage Concept

Solar Energy Storage Concept

The practical application of Some Shine Solar Energy Storage System is quite simple. You hang up the cool looking Solar Curtain on your window, and keep the battery-pack hooked to the base. It soaks in the solar energy during the daytime, stores it and uses it to replenish your gadgets at night. Hook up your stuff via the USB port and you’re done for the night.

Flight Pictures « 1337arts

16 09 2009

Flight Pictures « 1337arts.

A group of MIT students seeking to share the artistic aspects of science with others. On Sept. 2, 2009,  launched a digital camera into near-space to take photographs of the earth from high up above.


28 07 2009

A new interactive table similar to the Microsoft Surface, but this one is for searching and exploring font databases. Using this table you have the option browse, preview, compare and print the fonts you are interested in. The advantage of exploring like this compared to a computer screen, you can use the larger screen table and invite your client to join you over a coffee, plus it looks damn cool!



Check out the link for full details including a video of the UI.

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Secret rooms – Car elevator

11 05 2009

Not enough space for all your cars, or just too precious about your car and want to make sure it’s safe? Why not get a secret room built for it with an elevator?


This creative custom car elevator by Cardok (based in Bristol UK) turns a residential patio into a hidden parking space, which is safer than a locked garage, and looks great too.

It is operated by remote control and takes about 30 seconds to reveal your additional parking space.

iRiver Home Internet Phone

22 04 2009

Rufdog has an article about the new iRiver internet phone

Power from the sun in China

16 04 2009
Artist's impression of the 1.5 MW Dahan facility to be built near Beijing.

Artist's impression of the 1.5 MW Dahan facility to be built near Beijing.

Next month sees the start of a new construction in China, an experimental solar-thermal power plant near the Great Wall. The plant will generate clean energy for 30,000 households by 2010. Build costs are estimated at £10m and the entire plant will cover an area equal to 10 football pitches.

The difference with solar -thermal power uses an array of mirrors that focus the Sun’s rays onto a receiver. This is not the first in the world but a first in Asia. There are similar plants in California and Spain.